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Red Balloon

Red Balloon

Rating 7.7
Status: Ongoing Network: Publié: Dec 17, 2022 - Feb 19, 2023 Pays: Type: Drama Episodes: 20 Director: Casts: , , , , ,
A story of four people attempting to quench their desires and appease their heartbreaks. Jo Eun Gang wants to become a school teacher, but she has failed to pass her teaching examination. She now works as a private tutor. She appears calm, but she holds something hot within her heart. She is a person who will do anything to get what she wants. Ji Nam Cheol comes from a poor family, but he is married to a woman from a rich family. He runs a business that is actually owned by his father-in-law. Ji Nam Cheol is powerless at the company. Han Ba Da is a married woman. She works as a jewelry designer. Right before her wedding, her parents went bankrupt. She was about to give up on her wedding, but her fiance persuaded her to marry him. Her life is not easy due to her mother-in-law. Go Cha Won works as a dermatologist. He became a doctor as his parents expected and is married to Han Ba Da. He doesn't like his job and he knows his wife is having a hard time due to his mother, but he doesn't know what to do. His brother-in-law is Ji Nam Cheol. (Source: AsianWiki)


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