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Seasons of Blossom

Seasons of Blossom

Youth Blossom, Cheongchun Beullasseom, Cheongchunbeullasseom, 청춘블라썸
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Status: Ongoing Publié: Sep 21, 2022 - ? Pays: Type: Drama Episodes: 16 Director: Casts: , , , , ,
A story of love and friendship between five high school students from Seoyeon High School. Lee Ha Min appears like a bright person, but there is also darkness within his mind. Han So Mang is a warm-hearted person, but she is also quite timid. Lee Jae Min is a popular student with a painful past. He is kind to everyone around him. Yoon Bo Mi is a sweet, model student. Choi Jin Young loves playing games. He can seem unfriendly and has a delicate personality. (Source : Asianwiki) ~~ Adapted from the webtoon "Seasons of Blossom" (청춘 블라썸) by HONGDUCK and NEMONE.


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