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Queenmaker Vostfr

Queenmaker Vostfr

W: The City of Women Who Never Die, Kwin Meikeo, W: Jukji Anhneun Yeojadeuleui Dosi, W: 죽지 않는 여자들의 도시, 퀸메이커, Queen Maker
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Status: Ongoing Network: Publié: Apr 14, 2023 Duration: 60 min. Pays: Type: Drama Episodes: 12 Director: Casts: , , , , ,
The “womance” drama tells the story of two women who used to lead starkly different lives, but leave everything they know behind to combine forces and create a just and truthful world. Hwang Do Hee is a skilled career woman who hasn’t come down from her 12 centimeter (approximately 4.7 inch) high stilettos for the past 12 years. She’s the best in her field of President Identity (PI) consulting and is the leader of the Strategic Planning Office at Eunsung Group, the third best domestic business. By analyzing the appearance, voice tone, habits, preferences, rumors, and fatal weaknesses of the Eunsung Group’s owner’s family, she is able to perfectly present them in a way that reduces owner risk. Despite all her hard work in this field, she overcomes adversity to work towards making Oh Seung Sook the mayor of Seoul. Oh Seung Sook is a labor rights lawyer nicknamed “crazy rhinoceros.” For the past 20 years, Oh Seung Sook has plowed through like a “rhino’s horn” for common people and workers and is a self-proclaimed Korean Lady of Justice. She is the president of the Women’s Worker Association, Korean Women’s Human Rights Wave, and leader of the Worker’s Solidarity with Rights foundation, proving her charm as a powerful female lead who stops at nothing to protect the weak. As a current labor rights lawyer and a popular YouTuber, Oh Seung Sook has no interest in authority, but thanks to the help of “Queen Maker” Hwang Do Hee, she becomes determined to become the mayor of Seoul. (Source: Soompi)


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