Decoy Season 2 Episode 4 Vostfr

Drama Sub Sub Sorti le avril 24, 2023 · ? views · Posté par Stephanie · Dramas Decoy Season 2 Vostfr

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Decoy Season 2 Vostfr

Decoy Season 2 Vostfr

Decoy 2, Bait 2, Bait Season 2, Chronicles of Crime 2, Chronicles of Crime Season 2, Mikki 2, Mikki Sijeun 2, Beomjoeui Yeondaegi 2, Beomjoeui Yeondaegi Sijeun 2, 미끼2, 범죄의 연대기2, 범죄의 연대기 시즌2
Rating 7.9
Status: Ongoing Publié: Apr 7, 2023 - ? Pays: Type: Drama Episodes: 6 Director: Casts: , , , , ,
Just under a decade ago, South Korea was shaken to the core by a financial fraud project. Thousands of unsuspecting victims were tricked into investing their life savings. After the project was exposed as a scam, its mastermind Noh Sang Chun ran away to China in a bid to escape the police. But he was soon after reported to have died in mysterious circumstances. The trail went cold. But some eight years after he was reported dead, the evidence appears to suggest that the notorious fraudster is still alive! A spate of killings begins, with Noh Sang Chun apparently linked to the deaths. Trying to piece together the truth is the police officer and former lawyer Goo Do Han. Also on a quest for truth is a reporter named Cheon Na Yeon. She believes that a number of the murders have been covered – and that police investigations into the death may have been botched. The stakes begin to rise as games become deadly. What is really happening? And what role does Noh Sang Chun play in these fatal events? (Source: Rakuten Viki)


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